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Wide Range of Line Marking Services by AMS

At Approved Multi Services, we provide a wide range of high-quality line marking services and road surfacing. We cover London, the South East and across the UK for both the public and private sector.

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We have a vast amount of experience in the road line marking and surfacing industry in London and South East and have built a reputation of delivering high-quality results within tight deadlines.

Our team is proud to have helped schools, offices, sports grounds, shops, offices and private roads stay safe with our quality road and white line services.

We offer all types and styles of line marking, in a variety of colours, using various techniques.

We offer an array of styles and services so that we can create any line-markings required from traditional road markings to completely bespoke lines:

street with yellow line marking
road signs
car park yellow line marking

Clear high-quality road marking with our own professional team and equipment for London and the South East. Satisfied clients include Councils, Local Authorities, Development and Property Maintenance companies.

Flexible working within tight timescales and budgets with close working relationships and repeat clients. We recommend a site survey before work commences to achieve the best practice and price for each project.

Our re-surfacing service for areas that require a new look to improve visibility and safety is growing in popularity. Signage to enhance new Street, Roads and Highway Marking conforming with Chapter 5 of the TSRGD manual 2018. Bright White and Yellow markings for definition.

Safety aware working practices and understanding of local authorities and planning departments and QS requirements. Long-lasting markings that can be cleaned to reduce the need for re-marking regularly.

zebra crossing line marking
pedestrian marking with mother and kid

We understand that Health and Safety are critical to both the general public and the workplace environment.

Approved Multi Services use the highest quality products and their expertise in order to accurately execute the marking of Chevrons, Zebra Crossings and Pedestrian displays. Our markings can withstand the heaviest of traffic and are long-lasting.

We will respond to your exacting standards with the highest quality of finishes.

disabled parking markings in yellow by Approved Multi Services
interior electric vehicle parking bays

Approved Multi Services uses high quality, non-slip thermoplastic car park marking paint which is durable, hardwearing and cost-effective. It can withstand a lot of heavy user from vehicles and keep their colours and brightness for a long time. We can serve car parks of any size and cater to any required specifications.

We also create pedestrian walkways, disabled and parent and child designated parking spaces, as well as any custom requirements such as loading, and trolley areas.


  • Safe walkways
  • Disabled parking bays
  • Parent and child parking bays
  • Zebra crossings in various colour designs
  • Double yellow lines, single yellow lines
  • Signage such as “No Parking” and directional arrows
arrow line marking on the road
text road marking for electric vehicles

We understand that continuity is a priority for many a business or property and this can be relied upon in our expert text and numbering service. Once you have specified to us your requirements you will receive a service that is consistent in style and quality across your entire site.

The markings of arrows, text and numbers are carried out using the highest quality products and our expertise application ensures the highest quality of finishes, whilst maintaining a tough long-lasting marking.

bus stop line marking on asphalt
cycle track line marking

It’s important to have clear cycle lane line markings on public roads so that the designated areas are visible to cyclists, drivers and pedestrians. We’re cycle path painting specialists so we work with lots of councils to install these types of markings throughout the UK, quotes can be tailored to fit in with your price range if necessary.

We install these lines and road symbols in a specialist thermoplastic material which is designed to be extremely long-lasting and resistant to fading, cracking and abrasion.

Our nearby services can be tailored to suit what you need and we can supply a quote to match your budget and cost requirements.

playground line marking
athletic field white marking
basketball field line marking and ball

Approved Multi Services offers a wide variety of school playground, sports fields and school yard markings.

Our playground markings are made from durable, thermoplastic materials. They are self-cleaning with extra reflective quality. They are also non-slip to ensure children’s most safety at playtimes.

We apply markings to the following sports areas and school playgrounds:

  • Tennis courts
  • Indoor football pitches
  • Rugby and football grounds
  • Basketball courts
  • Netball courts

Playground markings:

  • Hopscotch
  • Compass
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Play roads
  • Cycle paths

Contact Approved Multi Services for any questions and queries you might have regarding our playground marking services.

warehouse line painting

Approved Multi Services technicians are specialists in applying markings to warehouse floors.

During or following an arranged site visit, we can advise you on best practice with regards to the application of lines and markings at your warehouse or workshop. Our warehouse painting service is second to none and our line painting application is the highest of quality.

We use the highest quality products and our expert application of painted lines and markings ensures long lasting wear and the best finish available to you.

colourful line marking

AMS offers a great variety of highly-visible colours, including white and yellow. This makes our line marking services suitable for any need such as walkways, hazardous areas, and pedestrian crossing areas.

We offer a professional, high-quality road marking and painting services throughout London and South East UK.

Our versatility means that we can work with any client to any scale, from small private properties and schools  to large scale public sector work. No job is too big or too small for us.

Gallery with Our Work

car park marking by Approved Multi Services
parking entry marking by Approved Multi Services
electric parking marking by Approved Multi Services
disabled parking markings in yellow by Approved Multi Services
line marking electric car parking places in white and green
line marking electric car parking places
line marking exit label
line painting machine
warehouse line marking
warehouse line marking
markings to warehouse floors
warehouse painting services
line marking parking places in white
Red Line Parking Marking
line marking street in yellow and white
Road Marking Yellow Box

Durable Solutions – Thermoplastic Road Marking Services & Repairs

AMS provides durable and long-lasting thermoplastic line marking services, epoxy resin floor coatings and resin bound aggregate surfaces. We can also repair and remove existing line markings. Can repair everything from potholes to cracks and we provide specialist, bespoke services.

Our fully insured, expert staff and management are on-hand to provide you with the ultimate in quality and service at cost-effective prices, demonstrating the best value to you.

Approved Multi Services – White Road and Line Marking You Can Rely On

We can make sure you achieve the highest standards of health and safety in its road markings by using quality commercial-grade materials. All markings provided by Approved Multi Services are fully complying with Chapter 5 of the TSRGD manual 2018.

If you would like to learn more about our road surfacing and line marking  services, please get in touch via email at, via our contact form or call directly with one click on +44(0)20 8935 5628

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