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Approved Multi Services provides efficient and pocket-friendly methods of restoring buildings and surfaces which have been damaged by graffiti. We can work on your defaced property and get it back to its perfect conditions- or even better than it was.

When commercial buildings or walls are defaced with paint or graffiti, it is not just the physical building that is damaged. The reputation of the business is also affected negatively because the public would assume that the company is not concerned about its public image. Moreover, customers may be put off and such defacement may promote the perpetuation of other crimes within that environment.

On the other hand, for residential blocks, graffiti can directly create social unrest among residents. There have been several studies which have linked graffiti paintings in local areas with a rise in gang-related activities. Thus, devaluing the prices of properties in such areas.


It is advisable to totally remove graffiti from your walls rather than trying to cover it up.
If your building has been subjected to graffiti and you want to quickly do something about it, pressed for time you may be tempted to quickly paint over the graffiti, but this may not be the best idea. This approach will only provide a temporary solution because as the paint wears off, it will start to reveal the graffiti, and you will be forced to repaint again. The best solution, is to remove the graffiti first, and then repaint the entire surface.

This is where we come in.
We can help you remove graffiti without damaging your surface. We have developed a highly effective cleaning process which is smoothly executed by our experienced cleaning specialists.
We care about sustainability, and we work with environmentally-friendly products which leave no shadow behind after removal.

Graffiti Removal Company


Several different factors affect the cost of removing graffiti, including the composition of the surface on which the graffiti is painted, the precise location of the graffiti on the general surface, and the time it takes to remove the graffiti.
But whatever the case might be, our proven, effective and easy-to-use graffiti-removal solution will restore your building to its original flawless look.

Our products have been tested on different surfaces and paints, and we have designed a functional method of applying these products so that the process of removing the graffiti is done without causing any damage to the surface.

Contact us today for professional advice and the best service.


  • We offer the best cleaning procedure and equipment such as our special high and low pressure washers, and our trademark cleaning spray which removes graffiti from every surface including brick and stone walls, glass, perspex, wood and metallic walls.
  • We carry out a total removal of graffiti from the thickest smudges to the faintest traces without leaving any markings or shadows behind.
  • Our services are fast, timely and efficient. This is particularly beneficial in cases where the graffiti displays an offensive message which may damage your business or life.
  • We are proud to say that we currently provide cleaning and removal services for several UK councils responsible for keeping our cities safe and clean for all.
  • If your commercial or residential buildings or premises are affected by vandalism, we presently offer a one-off cleaning service to help you out.
  • We have made your safety and security our top priority, and we are committed to protecting you and your business from illegal graffiti.

For a free quote of our graffiti-removal service, you can reach us through any of our contacts:
Telephone: 020 8935 5628

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