With the ever-increasing demand for EVs, charging stations and points are popping up in various public areas and car parks, as well as on private residencies. Naturally, these electrical units need servicing and at time, repairing.  

Uptime of EV charging units is paramount and the poor maintenance of these can be extremely frustrating for users. Broken charging points, illegible charging instructions, defunct software and poor maintenance generally can be problematic. Electrical feed from the power supply, solar panels in some instances, batteries, signage, lighting and clearly defined parking spaces, are secondary necessities that also need maintaining. 

Damage to EV charging points can be attributed to the elements, whether subjected to hot and humid temperatures, or from consistently wet weather. All the more reason to carry out maintenance on a regular basis.  


Keep your EV charging point up and running faster, for the maximum time 

Our staff have extensive technical expertise and carry the necessary certification in order to service, repair and maintain EV charging points. We carry out the full process from the coordination with the hardware supplier, upgrading of the power source, dealing with the electricity network up to the point of handing over to the customer. 

At Approved Multi Services, we are extremely proud of the high standard of electric vehicle charging point aftercare we provide to both commercial customers and the public sector. 


Our EV Charger Maintenance Offer Includes 

  • An annual inspection of your charging point, identifying any damage or potential issue with the unit;
  • Charging point testing – annual test of charging point, ensuring the facility is operational to it’s optimal state;
  • Annual safety certificate of compliance;
  • Internal checking and cleaning of the charging point, including an inspection for potential water intrusion;
  • Replacement of the charging accessories or components due to unintentional damage or vandalism;
  • Replacement of EV charging points, after years of service;
  • Attendance onsite within 24 hours to inspect and identify any fault and to carry out repair, if possible. If repair isn’t possible, we can arrange a replacement unit within 72 hours.

EV Charging Point Repairs 

One-off repair to your EV charging points can be carried out by Approved Multi Services, or opt for a maintenance package for greater peace of mind. Our team of expert engineers understand EV charging points completely – from the technology and operating systems to applications, ensuring that we can respond quickly and resolve issues within one single visit. 

With a 24 hour response time, we can address any encountered issues and identify faults and repair accordingly. If repair isn’t possible, replacement can be arranged. 

Contact Approved Multi Services for EV charging point repair, servicing and maintenance

Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation

Approved Multi Services is a leading installer and maintainer of commercial electric car charging points. Our team have years of experience installing electric vehicle charging points and is qualified to fit and maintain commercial charging solutions to the highest possible standards.

We make it simple for you to arrange for your EV charging point repair, servicing or maintenance. Simply contact us on +44(0)20 8935 5628 or through our contact form or at contact@approvedmultiservices.com or hello@approvedmultiservices.com  

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