Counter Sneeze Guards

Counter Protection Screens

Whether you call them sneeze guards, cough screens, or counter protectors, right now the safety of our staff is paramount. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), COVID 19 (the most current Coronavirus) is mainly airborne and spread my ingesting an infected persons coughs and/or sneezes.

Our sneeze guard screens are custom made to your specifications, with shaping and aperture cuts made to suit your exact required sizes. This social distancing screen is a clear hygiene barrier, which can stand alone or form part of a group of barriers, simply suspended from a structure or ceiling.

Our protective screens are made from flexible, clear PVC and can be hung from suspended, or permanent ceilings and they act as a physical barrier between staff or products and customers thus reducing everyone’s exposure to potential infection.

Counter Sneeze Guard
Cashier Sneeze Guards
Hanging Sneeze Guards

Anti-Virus Screens For Checkouts, Till & Countertops tailored for your needs

Our bespoke flexible PVC infection guards are completely fit for purpose and comply with all recommendations as how best to protect your team members, and customers alike. Because of our flexibility, we can also adapt the solution to bespoke sizes if you have a specific requirement including:

  • Reception desks
  • Shop counters and supermarket checkouts
  • Till checkouts
  • Security desks and checkpoints
  • Post offices
  • Classrooms
  • Training halls
  • Chemists and Pharmacies

To find out more about Virus Protection Sneeze Guards in London and South East UK get in touch with us today and get a no-obligation quote.

Why choose us

We are able to customise your protection screens to your required shape and size, with the ability to cut apertures. We attach fittings so you can easily install or hang from a structure or ceiling. Made from flexible PVC, shipping is simple and delivery is swift.

In order to protect your staff and customers, whether it be by the installation of virus guards, protection screens, virus signage or spacing tape, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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