Chewing Gum Removal

Professional Chewing Gum Removal Services

Approved Multi Services takes a modern approach to chewing gum and bubble gum removal. We use advanced specialist equipment built specifically to remove chewing gum without causing any damage and with no disruption to the public or the client.

We are unlike most other chewing gum removal companies that use aggressive methods that can cause remaining damage to surfaces. Without the use of chemicals, the methods we adopt are environmentally friendly so we cause no damage to the surrounding environment.

We don’t use high pressure hoses or environmentally unfriendly chemicals, our superior equipment is powerful enough to remove chewing gum and extract remaining residues. We deliver fantastic cleaning results which are perfect for chewing gum removal in busy areas.

Our process adopts steam and detergent to break down the chewing gum and remove any remaining residue, at the same time preventing any gum spot stains. We provide fast, efficient and hassle free removal service.

The key benefits of our proven gum cleaning technology are as follows:

  • As we don’t use water spray, we leave no water that can lead to the necessity of further cleaning.
  • We are Eco friendly, non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment
  • Our equipment is self powered, so there are no health and safety issue of tripping hazards and no generators causing noise pollution.
  • No damage caused to substrates and surfaces.
  • There is no need to section of areas as our equipment is self collecting and non obtrusive.
  • No damage caused by aggressive power washing.
  • We can operate at any time of day and night.

We can remove chewing gum & bubble gum from the following surfaces:

  • Retail shops and store fronts
  • High streets, secondary retail streets, pavements and footpaths
  • Out of town retail parks and grounds
  • Car parks
  • Internal flooring and tiles
  • Public refuse areas
  • All hard surface areas
chewing gum removal machine process

We operate large scale chewing gum removal from any surface, without damaging the substrate.

Following the removal of the chewing gum, we clean the surface to remove any remaining residue.

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Get in touch today to discuss your chewing gum removal requirements and we can arrange a site visit and free quotation.

Gallery with Our Chewing Gum Removal Work

chewing gum removal on tarmac compare before and after cleaning
chewing gum removal on car parking at the supermarket
bubble gum removal on a car parking before cleaning
clean tarmac after bubble gum removal service
clean car parking after bubble gum removal service

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