Anti-vandalism collars

Vandalism of Council-owned ANPR & CCTV surveillance cameras is on the increase – so now is the time to protect these important assets. Installing an anti-vandalism collar is the easiest way to protect pole-mounted equipment such as CCTV cameras or street lighting.

These convenient Anti Climb Collars provide a simple and immediate solution to prevent individuals from climbing CCTV camera poles, lamp posts, and similar structures.

The anti-vandalism collar is suitable for high-level installation to make access via and to the column, difficult.

How to Protect Security Cameras From Theft and Vandalism

Our various-sized galvanised collars act as a great deterrent to vandalism. They are 500mm in diameter (made up of 2 halves) and are secured by non-return nuts.

We have stock for 3 column sizes:

  •  76mm
  •  89mm 
  • 114mm
  • bespoke sizes can be produced for larger-sized columns and projects.

Our anti-climb collars can be custom-made to suit poles or pipework of any size. Feel free to contact our customer services team to discuss your specific needs.

anti vandalism collar

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The anti-vandalism collar is designed for elevated installation to deter access via the column.

These collars are customisable to fit various column types, regardless of diameter.

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